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The story of the stolen generations is not one story, but a story about each of the individuals affected and each of the institutions involved.

Alongside what was a brutal and discriminatory policy there are examples of splendid humanity with individuals providing loving support to Aboriginal people removed from, or given up by, their families. This support was given in a way which enabled them to become major contributing figures to the development of alternative approaches and policies.

This film is about some examples of that splendid humanity and if it is true, that by their fruits you shall know them, then we know these are heroes.

The fruits include John Moriarty AM, Charles Perkins AO, Les Nayda AM and Gordon Briscoe AO all of whom made outstanding contributions to Aboriginal affairs during my lifetime and theirs.

The Honourable Fred Chaney AO
Former Australian Government Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Member of the National Native Title Tribunal (1994–2007)
Co-chair of Reconciliation Australia (2000–2005)

I know Mark Smith, as the grandson of the late Percy Smith and his wife Isabel who were important people in my formative years.

Percy Smith and his wife cared for me at St Francis House in Adelaide after I’d been forcibly removed from my Yanyuwa mother from Borroloola NT. I found only kindness from Father Smith and Mrs Smith, and they helped to shape my values and understanding of the world I was living in. I’ve always appreciated the Smiths’ support in my life.

In recent years I have helped Mark to document some of the history of St Francis House and the achievements of the Aboriginal boys who lived there under the care of Percy and Isabel Smith. Many of them were able to access education and secure good jobs, becoming leaders in sport, the arts, government and advocacy to improve Indigenous rights.

I support Mark’s efforts to share his grandmother’s remarkable life story. The work of Percy and Isabel Smith is respected by many Indigenous people.

The story will give context to important issues from confronting chapters in Australian history, including the impact of government protectionist policies on Indigenous people and the social context for the 1967 Referendum. Also, the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their families and its recommendation for an official apology from the Australian Government regarding Stolen Generations trauma.

Yanyuwa man John Moriarty AM
Former resident of St Francis House

There is an enormous appetite for authentic stories told from the heart. 

The international market is desperate for genuine content as Hollywood resets after a tumultuous 2023 defined by strikes and conflict as actors have rallied to protect themselves from the AI threat.

Acting is a pure art that needs to be preserved and protected.

I am honoured to be working alongside Mark Smith to bring his family’s incredible story to the big screen.

Finding Miss Almond has all of the ingredients to be a great film, love, conflict, passion and war. I want to help deliver Mark’s dream project and create opportunities for local acting talent to shine.

Mark Webber
Los Angeles and Adelaide based film director and actor
Sundance Film Festival, 2012 Nominee, Grand Jury Prize, The End of Love
Giffoni Film Festival, 2019 Winner, Best Film, The Place of No Words
Los Angeles Film Festival, 2014 Nominee, The Ever After
Fort Collins TriMedia Festival, 2011 Winner, Best Actor (TV & Film), Just like the Son